Versatility, innovation and quality are at the core of our janitorial cleaning systems. Attention to detail and practical engineering ensure complete customer satisfaction in function, operation and convenience.

Choice of mops and mopping systems that suit your needs and the areas that need to be cleaned.

The Carousel is, without a doubt, not only an outstanding mobile cleaning module but also a very clever design providing a number of cleaning facilities in one exceptionally compact and easy to handle, user-friendly, package.

A compact and versatile trolley range, ensuring productivity with a choice of janitorial solutions and mopping options to suit all environments.

Ergonomically designed, sustainably engineered and built to last…the best value cleaning trolley range on the market.

To obtain maximum cleaning efficiency for each environment, cleaning schedule and operator there simply is no “one size fits all”. Selecting the perfect fit is easy with the SERVO-Matic.

With unlimited configuration options, PRO-Matic offers complete versatility with on-board storage options for waste mop kits, equipment and supplies.

Designed in every way for demanding hotel cleaning regimes, tackling narrow corridors, heavy loads and the pressures of time sensitive public-space day cleaning.

Providing space saving answers in super strong but smaller sizes.

Complete range of mopping systems and accessories to suit all environments.

ReFlo Technology uses the highest quality recycled plastic, ensuring our products are both sustainably engineered and built to last.

Nu-Assist offers the benefit of online training, through a simple, versatile and user-friendly solution, resulting in increased cleaning performance and productivity.

Nu-AR brings cleaning solution to life in any environment supporting Numatic customers to select the right tool for the job every time.

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