Warranty Policy

Numatic International Ltd has a well deserved reputation for the quality and durability of its products. As a company we are totally dedicated to maintaining our reputation for high quality products and service.

If you have discovered a fault with any of our products then please contact our customer care center:

Telephone: +44 (0)1460 269267
Fax: +44 (0)1460 269297

Numatic International Ltd Warranty Policy

Numatic International Limited warrant to the original purchaser that its products are free of defects in both material and workmanship for the period shown below:-

  • Vacuum Cleaners 2 Years
  • Rotary Floor Machines 2 Years
  • Twintec Auto Scrubber-Dryer 1 Year
  • Mopping, Compacts, Combi and Servocare Products 1 Year
  • Individual Accessories and Spare Parts 6 Months

Note: This warranty expressly excludes consumable parts such as carbon brushes, floor brushes, mops etc. that are considered replaceable from time to time during the normal working life of the machine.

Using non Numatic dustbags can be detrimental to both machine performance and life and may invalidate the Warranty.

a. The warranty period commences from the date the goods are purchased.

b. All warranty claims must be processed through the Dealer from whom the equipment was purchased. The Dealer will co-operate with the purchaser throughout the warranty claims procedure and will arrange any necessary repairs using genuine Numatic parts.

c. If the original Dealer is no longer available to fulfil his obligations please contact Numatic International Limited with full details of the claim and proof of purchase so that this may be processed without delay.

d. Any warranty claim can only relate to the specific part that is proven to be at fault and for which a replacement will be supplied but cannot be extended to constitute a claim against the complete appliance.

e. Numatic International will supply the Dealer with any warranty parts required subject to the claim being validated after return of the faulty items in accordance with Numatic International Limited’s General Conditions of Sale.

f. Claims will not be accepted if they are the result of fair wear and tear, misuse or abuse of any kind.

g. No replacement will be given unless the appropriate evidence of the validity of the claim has been provided to the satisfaction of Numatic International Limited.

h. Numatic International Limited reserve the right to charge for any unnecessary work carried out as a result of an invalid claim.

i. No variation to this warranty may be made or implied by any member of Numatic International Limited or its Dealers unless such variation is in writing and authorised by the Company.

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