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Working closely with the FM Industry raising cleaning standards and productivity.

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Maintaining the highest standard of cleanliness and hygiene can be challenging when working within the demanding and ever-changing FM Industry. You need hard-working equipment that provides the results you need day in, day out, while being easy to use and maintain by any user.

Designed, engineered and made right here in the UK, by the UK’s No.1 Commercial Cleaning Equipment Manufacturer, we work with the FM Industry to develop cleaning solutions that meet your needs completely. From cordless solutions to around-the-clock training and bespoke janitorial systems… our extensive range provides optimum cleanliness, precisely where you need it, with minimal disruption.

Whether you need to clean large shopping malls, busy supermarkets, compact shop floors or open office spaces, our cleaning solutions deliver advanced cleaning results with maximum cleaning productivity.

“Supporting the facility contractor directly allows us to see first hand the visions and aims of the contractor and how best Numatic can help in achieving their goals with the solutions and products we manufacture. The aim is to be the first choice partner to the Facility world”
– Andrew Baird, FM Manager.

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Professional equipment, configurable systems and on-hand training for maximum cleaning productivity with minimum downtime and disruption.
From cordless solutions to around-the-clock training and bespoke janitorial systems… our extensive range provides optimum cleanliness, precisely where you need it, by whoever is using it, ensuring minimum downtime and disruption. The Numatic FM range offers the complete cleaning solution, including wet and dry vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaners, scrubber-dryers and janitorial equipment. ​
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Environmental Sustainability

The key to truly sustainable manufacturing is to provide users with products that last a very long time. Our products are built to last; with tried tested and trusted designs, ongoing innovations, and a commitment to developing sustainable cleaning solutions.

We continually review, refine and adapt our manufacturing processes to deliver even greater levels of sustainability throughout our products ranges. Following extensive research we have introduced ReFlo Technology.

Our ReFlo Technology uses the highest quality recycled material, ensuring our products are both sustainably engineered and built to last.

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Guiding users through the product configuration process, Nu-Design enables you to create a cleaning system that meets your needs, precisely. The result; optimum cleaning productivity with the highest cleaning standards.
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Facilities Management Products

A carefully chosen selection of products aimed at the needs of FM professionals brought to you by the cleaning professionals.

Exceptionally compact mains design with 18L capacity, 400mm scrub width and performance eq...
244NX-RC Featured Image 1000x1000
The 244NX Compact Scrubber Dryer delivers fast, effective cleaning across all hard floors....
PM13 Gallery 9
PRO-Matic PM13 Cleaning Trolley
The PM13 provides a lockable and manoeuvrable solution. A completely configurable cleaning...
TTB1840NX Featured Image
The 1840NX Battery Scrubber Dryer offers compact, cordless and convenient cleaning with th...
ERP180 Featured Image
Made from the highest quality, recycled material; equipped with our highest efficiency mot...
Hi-Bak HB1812R
The Hi-Bak is a super compact, truly professional dual-compartment mopping unit, with our...
MMB1616 Featured Image
MidMop MMB1616
The MidMop is always on-hand and easily stored, compact design providing a go-anywhere twi...
PM21 Featured Image
PRO-Matic PM21 Cleaning Trolley
The PM21 offers a discrete foldaway waste facility, convenient top storage trays, and 2 co...
EM5 Featured Image
ECO-Matic EM5 Cleaning Trolley
Providing complete versatility of lockable, open and waste bin storage, the ECO-Matic EM5...
WV470 Featured Image V2
The best-selling WV470 provides a larger alternative to the 370-380 series, with twice the...
PSP180 vacuum
The compact PSP180 provides a generous 8L capacity and 26.4m cleaning range, packed full o...
PPR240 cylinder Vacuum
A professional, tough and versatile workhorse, the ProVac plugged rewind is packed full of...

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