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Job testimonial Emma
Job testimonial Emma mobile

Emma McDonagh, Chief Technical Officer

Emma joined Numatic’s Senior Management team near the end of 2020 as our Chief Technical Officer (CTO). Emma’s responsibility is to help drive a competitive advantage for our company by adopting the best use of technology, ensuring that we effectively deploy and support Information Technology and Digital Services for our business and our customers.

“The Numatic family is by far the best thing I love about my role. Everyone is enthusiastic, forward-looking and supportive; it’s a delight to come to work.”

Job testimonial Shreshth
Job testimonial Shreshth mobile

Shreshth Sethi, Purchasing & Supply Chain Graduate

One aspect I really like about my role is the responsibility and ownership. I remember coming in clueless on my first day, not knowing anything about the processes, tools and software in use. I was then trained extensively in all key areas and supported by my wonderful team. The sense of responsibility and ownership I got is unparalleled. I truly believe that this is a great path for those aspiring to develop their career towards a supply chain leadership role.

“One key aspect that I like about my role at Numatic is the immense opportunity for learning and growth.”

Job testimonial Nick
Job testimonial Nick mobile

Nick Warfield, Senior Graphic Designer

Joining in 1996, Nick has worked across the company, including in the Warehouse, Customer Support and Marketing & Communications. Nick has recently been promoted to Senior Graphic Designer within the Technical Publishing department, where he provides support with the creation of our online product configurator ‘Nu-Design’ and FloorCare product manuals.

“The people that I work with have always been supportive and become great friends over the time.”

“I enjoy the job and my role and feel fortunate to work for a successful company.”

Job testimonial Taylor

“Numatic has a great team of friendly approachable people willing to help when needed.”

Job testimonial Gareth

“I enjoy the diversity of my role; no two days are the same.”

Job testimonial Stephen
Job testimonial Stephen mobile

Stephen Nwabuoku, Junior Designer

It is inspiring to be part of a team that works towards the same goal. The workplace environment is very good, my Mentor, Line Managers and Senior Designers care about me as a Junior Designer and my professional growth. They are patient and encourage me to be my best self professionally.

“I can easily communicate with anyone, I feel this creates a family environment and has me ready looking forward to work every day.”

Job testimonial Michael
Job testimonial Michael mobile

Michael Milburn, Junior Commercial Sales Executive

Since joining the company, I have become proficient in visualisation tools such as Qlik and other software packages as well as teaching myself how to create a database and implement new procedures. My understanding of budgets and pricing, and their impact on our business has improved.

“Since joining the company, my ability to contribute confidently in meetings and other conversations with senior management has dramatically improved.”

Job testimonial Hattie

“Since leaving school, Numatic has given me the skill base to learn and enjoy at the same time.”

Job testimonial Juliana

“I am pleased for the development opportunities I have had”

Job testimonial Ash
Job testimonial Ash mobile

Ash Spry, Video Editor

Ash joined Numatic after graduating from Bournemouth University. Working in the Warehouse for 3 years, Ash then had the opportunity to join the Studio team. In this time, Ash has grown from strength to strength, developing his skills and producing high-quality video content for the company. Last year, Ash was promoted to the position of Video Editor in recognition of his continued hard work.

“Numatic is a great place to work and has a great working environment.”

Job testimonial Nath
Job testimonial Nath mobile

Nathan Bandy, Section Manager (Production)

Nathan joined Numatic over 17 years ago. Now Section Manager on the Henry Line, Nathan works in a busy department that is continually working to meet deadlines and hit targets. This fast-paced environment is one of the reasons why Nathan enjoys this role and took it on.

“Numatic has always been a secure job for me, as well as my family.”

Job testimonial Lucasz

“I like working at Numatic because of the flexibility, stability and the opportunities for career growth”

Job testimonial Carey 

“I appreciate the opportunities that Numatic offers, in order to progress.”

Job testimonial from Michaela mobile
Job testimonial from Michaela

Michaela Abbott, Product Designer

Michaela joined Numatic in 2020 as part of the Marketing & Communications department. Just over a year later, Michaela successfully applied for the role of Junior Designer within Research & Development department. Michaela has now progressed to Designer and is continuing to learn and enjoy her role.

“I like the opportunity to be supported to progress and develop in my role.”

Job testimonial from Sam
Job testimonial from Sam Mobile

Sam O'Grady, Assistant Product Manager

Sam joined Numatic in 2011, where he started as a cleaner for our Sales and Export Warehouse department. Since then, Sam has gained experience working across different departments and has most recently applied this knowledge within the Product Management department, supporting with the end-to-end lifecycle of our products. Sam has recently been recognised for his continued hard work, taking the position of Assistant Product Manager.

“I am proud to be part of a company that continues to work towards a more sustainable future for all.”

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