Sustainable Vacuum Series



Sustainable Vacuum Series

30% reduction in energy consumption

Annual Energy Cost
Using our new 420W high-efficiency motor, the ERP180 delivers professional cleaning while reducing energy usage and cost.
Based on using 4 hours per day, over 260 days and £0.15 kwh.

Built from sustainable materials

Engineered from the highest quality, recycled material using our innovative, environmentally sustainable ReFlo Technology. ReFlo Technology uses high-quality recycled, post-industrial material from the automotive industry, which are diverted from landfill or incineration.

* Stated figure represents maximum use of recycled plastic in ReFlo Eco range, not including kits and accessories.


Made from up to 75% of the highest quality, recycled material; equipped with our highest efficiency motor yet; and delivering the same high-performance, high-quality and long-lasting Numatic results as always… the ERP180 is designed, engineered and built for sustainable productivity.

ERP180 High Performance

High-Performance Cleaning Results

Our highest efficiency motor yet, the ERP180 delivers a 30% reduction in energy consumption; providing the same professional, high-performance cleaning results you expect from a Numatic machine while saving you money too.

Pro Features

Providing the same tough, heavy-duty Numatic construction as always, ReFlo Technology ensures the ERP180 is both sustainably engineered and built to last.

Ease of Use

Featuring a lightweight design, handy carry candle and long-reach, high visibility cable for complete ease of use and safety in the workplace.

Built to Last

Ready to get to work with a tough, heavy-duty construction, high-efficiency, long-life motor and simple, plugged cable replacement system.

Compact & Convenient

Easy access to everything you need on the move and simple storage when not in use with handy on-board docking storage and unique caddy design.

Technical Specifications


8 L


6 KG


420 W



Power Cord:

10 M

Power (Volts AC/Hz):

230 / 50/60

Cleaning Range:

2.64 M