NuSpeed NR1500S

Heavy-duty Hi-Cool long-life motor provides power and performance to ensure professional cleaning results, whilst the extra operating features make this machine perhaps one of the most user friendly, hard working professionals in the floorcare business.

The NuSpeed 1500 is a new generation of floor maintenance machines which is only made possible by a new drive system introducing a dramatic 50% increase in power output.

The unique NuSpeed design concept means that for a machine of such compact proportions, an increase to 40kg in the operating weight can be achieved within the standard specification, with an optional additional 10kg if required it has the power and weight that do the work and produce the results.

Equipped as standard with performance enhancing ATC (Automatic Torque Control), a unique system that monitors operation and boosts torque, as required, to provide consistent performance under varying load conditions.

  • Built to Last
    Powerful, heavy-duty Hi-Cool 1500W long-life motor.
  • Xtra Weight
    An increase in operation weight of 40kg for Xtra powerful cleaning.
  • Performance You Can Trust
    Automatic Torque Control (ATC) balances power input.
  • Powerful Cleaning Results
    User friendly features offers power, convenience and efficiency.
  • A Wide Range of Accessories
    A wide range of accessories available for all applications.

Additional information











Brush Speed





230V AC 50/60Hz

Cleaning Range





460 x 580 x 1250mm

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