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NX1K Power lasts longer


The CRL8072 effortlessly delivers powerful cleaning performance in larger environments, whilst easily navigating congested areas, combining the best-in-class scrub width and a compact ride-on design. 

Fast charging with complete flexibility, with no impact on battery health, all powered by the latest lithium phosphate technology, NX1K. 

A huge 80L capacity, 150rpm brush speed and 720mm scrub width,​ user-friendly controls and on-board charging system providing powerful cleaning results.  

  • 4x Longer Lasting than​ Lead Batteries*​ 
  • Advanced & Safe Lithium​ Phosphate Technology​ 
  • Flexible Charging​ 
  • 4000 Charge Cycles​ 
  • 8 Years Warranty† 
  • COMPLETE Cleaning Control​
    Fully adjustable speed control and easy access​ to batteries and fuses.
  • CLEAN, DRY & SAFE Floors in Minutes​
    High-quality, quick and consistent cleaning results, wherever they are need.
  • STAY CLEANING for Longer​
    With 80L capacity and up to 3 hours runtime, the CRL8055 keeps​ you cleaning for longer.
  • FAST & FLEXIBLE Charging​
    NX1K technology provides fast and flexible charging.
  • Nu-Assist
    With the Nu-Assist App on hand, you and your team have 24/7​ access to multilingual training, troubleshooting and maintenance​ content from any device, increasing cleaning productivity across​ the board.

*Any comparisons used are based on typical usage scenarios, results may differ. Performance comparisons use equivalent GelTec models.​​​
† Standard warranty 5 years. 8 years warranty subject to terms and market agreement, please contact Numatic for more information.

Additional information

Tank Capacity


Vacuum Motor


Brush Motor


Brush Speed


Runtime (1 Battery)

1hr 35mins

Runtime (2 Battery)

3hrs 05mins

Recharge x1 Battery

2hrs 30mins

Recharge x2 Battery


Deck / Brush Size

720mm / 2x370mm


2 x 360mm

NET Weight x1 Battery


NET Weight x2 Battery


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