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30% reduction in energy consumption

Annual Energy Cost
Using our new 420W high-efficiency motor, the ERP180 delivers professional cleaning while reducing energy usage and cost.

Based on using 4 hours per day, over 260 days and £0.286 kWh (as of 10/23 UK). ​Potential savings provided for guidance only, actual savings may differ dependent on usage and energy cost.

ERP180 30 Percent Reduction in Energy
ERP180 Sustainably Made V2

Built Smarter

Made from the highest quality plastic; equipped with our highest efficiency motor, delivering the same high-performance, high-quality and long-lasting Numatic results as always… the Eco ReFlo Vacuums are designed, engineered and built to sustainable productivity.


Sustainably made and built to last.
We engineer many of our products from the highest quality, recycled plastic using our innovative, environmentally sustainable ReFlo Technology. ​

ReFlo Technology uses high-quality recycled, post-industrial material from the automotive industry, which are diverted from landfill or incineration.​

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ERP180 High Performance V2


The ERP180 delivers a 30% reduction in energy consumption with our highest efficiency motor, and still provides the same professional, high-performance cleaning results you expect from a Numatic machine, while saving you money too.

Pro Features

Providing the same tough, heavy-duty Numatic construction as always, ReFlo Technology ensures the ERP180 is both sustainably engineered and built to last.
ERP180 Pto Features

Ease of Use

Featuring a lightweight design, handy carry candle and long-reach, high visibility cable for complete ease of use and safety in the workplace.
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Built to Last

Ready to get to work with a tough, heavy-duty construction, high-efficiency, long-life motor and simple, plugged cable replacement system.
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Compact & Convenient

Easy access to everything you need on the move and simple storage when not in use with handy on-board docking storage and unique caddy design. Comes as standard with the AS0 kit


Technical Specifications


8 L


6 KG


420 W

Cleaning Range:

26.4 M

Power Cord:

10 M

Power (Volts AC/Hz):

230V 50/60Hz

Dimensions (WxLxH):


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